Tampere Workshop 2015

Tampere workshop 2015 (1)


It’s been a while now but as they say: better late than never! So what is the event that happened a little while ago? Well, the Tampere debating workshop of course! A grand total of 29 awesome people participated from Tampere, Jyväskylä, and Joensuu. From Joensuu, we had me (Anton), Yuanxu, and Adrian.

So what are Tampere debating workshops like? Those who have been with us for a long time might recall that there was a workshop in Tampere a year ago. These glorious events are full of great people all with the same interest: learning to be a better debater. And Tampere workshops deliver: this time each of us debated four times in one day – with each debate judged by an experienced adjudicator and a ‘wing-adjuticator’. No matter what experience everyone had, I believe that once again, everyone left with much more than with what they came with. Personally, I had a great time judging the debates, which hopefully was up to Tampere’s standards (it’s pretty difficult to reach the same level as Leo Silvennoinen, the official head adjudicator of the workshop.)

Naturally, after a long day of debating the best thing was to party hard (and who parties better than debaters!) The participation fee covered lots of snacks and drink and at midnight it was time to go dancing at the nightclub.

Workshops (especially the Tampere workshop) are awesome but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Yuanxu had to say:

I felt nervous before my trip to Tampere because I lack confidence of my debate skill, as i always did. But that two days really change me a lot. People there are friendly indeed. The feedback from judges are useful. I managed to change the structure of my speech in the following debate as the judge told me to and it worked. I know the journey of debate is long but it is not difficult for me any longer. So glad to meet all these excellent debater and spent whole day having fun and learnt new things. This remind me of the first year of my debate career in China, someone in the team told me that at the very first beginning you join because you love debate, but later you will find it’s the people here that you really love. Thanks again for everything. I can’t wait to join the Joensuu workshop.

True story, by the way, we should definitely have a workshop in Joensuu with the same awesome people!

Have a debater-ific week everyone! 🙂

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