Short September update

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

It is time to make a small update on all things Joensuu Debate Society related. Tomorrow is October and that marks one month since the semester began. Debates have been running for two weeks already and what great debates we have had! First of all, I must mention how amazing it has been to have so many new people curious to try debating! Last time we had the all time record with 26 participants. That meant that for the very first time we were able to organise three simultaneous debates. Awesome! I sincerely hope that everyone has had a great and productive time at the Joensuu Debate Society and will continue to be active. So far the two topics we have had were:

This supports global maximum wealth limit for house individuals.

This house believes that schools should avoid instilling a sense of patriotism.

These two debates are but the beginning! Starting from next week, there will be a secondary meeting, one that is completely oriented towards learning concrete things about debating through various materials and exercises. This is meant to be a supplement to the ordinary weekly debates so that people can come and practice their newly learned skills during the debate!

Furthermore, this month we will be hosting the first outside of the university event in the form of a ‘Foodie-Friday’. We will choose a specific type of ethnic food to make and enjoy food together. I look forward to seeing you at my place next Friday!

That’s about all the updates to make for now. However, I urge you guys to be active in suggesting things to do or topics to debate! We want everyone to feel that they can contribute and get what they want out of the hobby.

See you tomorrow for the third debate 🙂



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