Joensuu Debate Society

Welcome to the Joensuu Debate Society. Part of the Finnish debating scene, we aim to have fun and better ourselves as speakers, becoming more convincing, more natural and confident in front of people, and prepared for any conversational situation. Always know what to say!

We encourage everyone to take debating as seriously as they want, creating your own goals. It does not matter what your experience with debating is or what subject you specialise in – everyone has the possibility to learn new things.

We make sure to provide ways of learning and improving for both beginners and more experienced debaters. Not only that, we aim to have a great time together while doing that. For that purpose, we organise many different socials, including ethnic dinner parties, board game nights, and so on! For those who want to try more serious debating, there are tournaments frequently organised in Finland, in which societies across Finland and outside of Finland participate. The sky is the limit!